Недвижимость на Пхукете

Недвижимость на Пхукете


Недвижимость на Пхукете
First we came to Phuket Town and rented a hotel room for a day. On the same day they started looking for an apartment. Readers recommended the Katu area, and we went there first. You can buy an apartment in Phuket on the website https://ibgproperty.com/buy-apartments-in-phuket/.

Katu is located between the city and Patong, not to be confused with Kata Beach. They did not return the motorcycle after watching enough traffic jams in Phuket. We boarded the Kathu city bus. The trip is 25 baht per person. The route was tracked by GPS.

We realized that life on Katu without a bike is not an option. It is better near the beach or at least in the city.

Features of renting an apartment in Phuket
Prices are highly seasonal. In the off-season, you can rent an apartment in a condominium in Phuket by the sea for 10-15 thousand baht per month. From November to March, all apartments by the sea will become more expensive by 2-3 times.
Renting an apartment in Phuket without intermediaries near the beach costs at least 25,000 baht ($700) per month in high season. There is no bargaining, but in the summer there are chances to settle cheaper.
The cost of renting an apartment in Katu, Chalong and Phuket Town does not depend on the season. Therefore, even in December, you can find apartments in the center of the island at a normal price (up to 15,000 baht).
There are almost no condominiums on the beaches. But the situation is changing, construction is actively underway.
From the outside, hotels often disguise themselves as condominiums. How many times has it happened that we go into the most typical condito, and the inscription «Beach resort» is emblazoned above the reception desk. It is especially common in Patong.
There is no internet in most apartments. Best of all in the lobby. You have to do it yourself (the reception staff will help you) or buy cards for 300 baht for 1 device.
About half of the tested condominiums require a deposit for 2-3 months
With a long-term lease from 6 to 12 months, the price is 30-50% lower than with a one-month lease.
Our live wishes
The cost is up to 15,000 baht per month, municipal at state rates
Modern condominium, preferably new
Clean and tidy room
kitchen with stove
The pool is mandatory
Shops and beach buses are within walking distance.
What we always ask when renting a property
The cost per month and the opportunity to get a discount when renting for several months
The amount of the deposit and the procedure for its return
Electricity and water prices. The state electricity tariff is 4 baht per unit. Some air conditioners become audacious and raise the price to 8-10 baht.
Availability of the Internet (in extreme cases, if you take pictures for a long time, you can do it yourself)
To clarify whether an agreement (contract) will be reached